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Client stories. Aviastar-TU
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Client stories. Aviastar-TU


Aviastar-TU is a cargo aircraft operator that carries on local, international regular and charter flights. Since March 2000 when the company’s aircraft Tu-204C took off in its first flight, the company has taken one of the leading positions on International and Russian cargo transportation markets. Now Aviastar-TU teams up over 300 top-class aviation professionals. The company has 7 tails in the fleet (Tu-204C and Boeing-757F) which transport more than 20 000 tons of cargo annually.

Awery Documents Library. Documents distribution and control.

We asked Fedor Sorokin, Head of Quality and Audit, how Aviastar-TU rates the project results after a couple of years since DocLib implementation.

“Fedor, has Aviastar-TU used some other solutions for document distribution and control processes automation before? Why did you decide to use Documents Library?”

“After regulators changed the rules of crew acquaintance with the aviation documentation, we were obliged to deal with this for full regulation compliance. At that moment we have had already an electronic document management system, also for keeping archives and some other files we used internal file-server. However, considering the nature of pilots and flight crew work, using a file-server wasn’t convenient and using EDMS by each pilot and a crew member would be expensive and would require a lot of reworks.
We required a solution which could be easier in using for our mobile staff, as well as be transparent in document distribution results both for our management and regulators. That's why we chose Documents Library from Awery”

“How do you rate the project results? To what extent the Documents library helps your company to improve the documents storage, distribution, and control processes?”

“Document Library is an instrument so if you have a clear understanding of what results you want to get, this solution will help you in the best way. The processes became simpler, more reliable and faster - it is easy to learn and get used to the application and its functionality. The solution is understandable on an intuitive level which prevents the necessity to train each new user. Although we provide the staff with the documents management training according to our internal policies, of course. Regulators don’t set strict  rules on how the process should look like in details, so we could configure the system in accordance with the internal procedures of the airline ”

“What do you think about the functionality?   Can you remember a situation when some additional features were required  for the workflow automation”

“Talking about the level of meeting our requirements DocLib gets an “A” with a little “minus”. I believe that additional functionality in users hierarchy management will be beneficial for us. Also, we don’t use some functionality in our process, for instance,  Documents Library integration with Awery Crew Portal. I hope that Awery team will continue improving this // already added in our to-do, Fedor ;) // and the solution in general. Will be waiting for new features offer.”

Fedor, thank you for your feedback and wish all the best to  Aviastar-TU company and its team.  

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