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OBC Tracker, a new app within Awery OBC solution
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OBC Tracker, a new app within Awery OBC solution

With OBC Tracker Awery helps On Board Couriers customers to accelerate and streamline processes, save time, increase transparency and efficiency.

OBC Tracker is an application for tracking on board couriers’ availability, location and shipment statuses.

Key features:
• Courier login/Data access authorization.
• Status setup - Available / Not available. Synchronized with the system.
• Movement and Location (coordinates of courier for every 20 km) updates. Awery does not store the exact coordinates/location of courier but the nearest airport location.
• Display of current active AWB/JOBS assigned to the courier. Data Visible: AWB number, status, origin, destination, commodity, weight, and the number of pieces.
• Track and trace of selected shipment, its status updates.

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