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Awery ERP helps manage all your business data in order to properly employ and control resources as well as serve customers efficiently. All the required tools, reminders, templates and reports in one place integrating business and financial operations across various departments, covering the entire workflow and supplying a multifunctional platform for day-to-day business activities.

A flight management module that helps to plan routes, create flight schedules, follow up on flights.

Designed to control and manage fleet, track flight details, organize proper aircraft planning and utilization.

A full featured module for processing service requests with integrated accounting.

A module for processing charter enquiries with integrated accounting.

Produces accurate and quick charter flight estimations based on aircraft performance, weather conditions and automated rates appliance from rates database/previous flight data/calculations.

Helps to optimize the utilization of available sector payload/seats and offer competitive prices based on the empty legs connections.

A module for managing crews of any size.

Designed to cover the entire cargo management process.

A module for freight quotations processing with integrated mailing.

A module that helps to control entire company ULD stock, to track their movements history and current location.

Provides necessary tools for managerial and financial accounting, allows detailed tracking, reporting and analysis of financial transactions.

A module that helps to increase HR management efficiency by organizing company’s functions and responsibilities.

A module for processing airline customers and suppliers business data with full history of related activities/operations.

Allows to import user mailboxes to Awery database with threads segregation and advanced filtering.

Provides structured data with advanced filters.

Helps to proceed with internal and external audits.