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Customizable Web-based platform for aviation business processes automation

Manages sales, operations, finance and HR. Increases productivity, reliability and efficiency. Artificial
Intelligence for tasks automation. Multiple integrations to 3rd party services and API

Awery ERP helps aviation businesses

Improve and automate business processes, visibility & performance. Reduce the risk of error and human intervention.
Simplify decision making. Enhance control and efficiency. Save time and efforts. Boost profitability

Key features

Real-time transparent information flow. Customer service tools (request and track flights, shipments, services progress,
etc.). Flexible connectivity to other systems for data exchange. Multi-Company (branches)/ Multi-Currency support.
Bank-grade security with advanced access policies. Blazingly fast performance. User-friendly interface. Mobile apps

System provides

A real-time view of core business processes accessible worldwide. Up-to-date management reports and data
for analysis, automation of processes and document flow. Powerful CRM, informational database, source for
tactical and strategic planning. Integrated mailing/messaging system with advanced templates support
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Aviation business executives manage a large amount of complex data on a daily basis in order to employ and control their resources as well as serve their customers efficiently.
Awery ERP covers A to Z processes in the company, integrates operational and financial data. Being very flexible and customizable to the clients' requirements and business processes, it provides an advanced access control and messaging/ email integration with templates support. Awery platform is a native web-based aviation solution with a comprehensive interface, training and use.
Awery ERP provides all the required tools, reminders, templates and reports in one place to integrate business and financial operations across various departments, cover the entire workflow and supply a multifunctional platform for day-to-day business activities.

Available Deployment Options


Powered by Amazon AWS
  • Hosted, supported, and managed by Awery 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Monthly license fees per user.
  • No hardware related and IT support costs.
  • Perfect solution for small and midsize aviation businesses.


On Customers’ Hardware
  • System is hosted on customer server – in data center or in customer’s local IT infrastructure.
  • Goes with Database License and 24/7/365 Awery support.
  • Best fits big aviation players with sophisticated IT infrastructure.

Works as


Desktop Application

Windows and MacOS

Simplified Mobile App

iOS and Android

Awery ERP has been developed to offer tailored complete busines solutions for:

What are system requirements (end-user)?
  • Optimal: 20-22” display with 1680x1050 resolution.
  • Minimal: 1366 x 800 resolution.
  • RAM: from 4GB, Intel i5 generation 5+
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari browser.
  • Operating System: Windows, MAC, Linux operating System.
  • Adobe Flash player version 24+ (required for User Interfaces) -
  • Opened 843, 5222, 1935 ports.
  • 1 Mbps Internet connection speed; minimum 4 Mbps for more than 1 active user at once.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF viewing -
  • Adobe Air -
  • Open Office - - office formats for some Documents Generation (like AWB Printing, Charter Agreement, etc.).
Can Awery ERP be used in offline mode?
Awery is 100% web-based solution, so you can use it online only.
Can one send email/sms from Awery?
Yes, Awery ERP has an integrated mailing/sms tool with templates support.
Is it possible to integrate Awery with 3rd party programs/websites?
  • Awery can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.
  • Explore all our integrations here.
  • We can integrate with any third party using API, XML, RPC, etc.
Which types of messages does Awery ERP support?
  • SITA - for Movement Messages
  • CASS - for AWB invoicing
  • IATA CIMP - for AWB Messaging (FFR, FFM, etc.)
  • Any kind of integrations through API, XML, RPC, etc.
What are technical server requirements (hosted version)?
  • A dedicated or virtual server is required for the hosted model setup and operation of the system.
  • Location in any network provider professional data-center anywhere in the world with 24/7 power and high-speed network connectivity (option of Local server setup is available) - incoming (minimum 8 Mbps) and outgoing speed (minimum 20 Mbps).
  • Intel Xeon (or AMD) processor x 2 (4 cores recommended).
  • RAM – 8GB (16+ GB recommended for high load).
  • 200 GB of hard-disk space (2 x 500 GB recommended).
  • Unlimited data traffic plans (minimum 20 GB – incoming, 80 GB – outgoing).
  • Static IP-address or Dynamic if installed locally in the office.
  • Linux operating system, the best options is Debian OS x64 version: or Cent OS x 64
  • SSH Connection to server with full root access enabled user for Awery support team.
What are the types of Awery ERP users?
  • General user - a user that has login/password allowing to open Awery ERP and is able to work with the system based on the assigned role (set of permissions). Only one user with the same login/password can use the system (if a user logs in with same credentials to another device, current user will be logout automatically).
  • Crew user - a user with an access to Crew Portal only.
  • External user - a user with an access to the tools integrated to the customer web-site (for example online charter booking, cargo booking, etc.).
How does Awery ensure the security of customer data?
  • All connections are done through secured SSL.
  • Unix based operating system with advanced access setup and security.
  • Life data replication to mirror servers in the cloud.
  • Daily backup of database and files provided to Customer.
  • Cloud hosting in certified network provider that uses industry-best security and encryption.
  • Signed NDA for data protection in place.
  • User management and control are performed by Customer.
  • The user is auto-blocked if a password is wrong during the login (after several attempts).
  • An ability to block user login outside the office network (by IP).
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