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Client stories. Bravo Airways
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Client stories. Bravo Airways

Bravo Airways is an international passenger carrier based in Ukraine. The company provides regular and charter flights, operates a fleet of 6 aircraft - Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-300, McDonnell Douglas 83.

“Before we got acquainted with Awery’s product our documentation was kept on local server and computers. It took us a lot of time and effort to keep files updated and easily found. “- said Anastasiia Larionova, the team member in charge of the document management of the company.

“In 2017 our team started searching for a solution which would be able to make our document flow transparent and structured. Also, it was very important for us that the new solution wouldn't require a long term implementation and staff training.

We had tested several solutions with different functionality and complexity of interface but in the long run we decided to move forward with Awery. The testing process showed that Documents Library has optimum performance in the simplicity of document storage and distribution as well as good notification and alert functionality.

It took just one week to launch Awery Documents Library in our IT infrastructure, including users training. So we got the instrument that met all our requirements within the shortest term.

Summarizing our impression after two years of the system usage we can say the following:

The documents keeping process has become much easier and more convenient. We structure docs by types and user groups. Right after a particular document is being updated, all involved employees get notifications and alerts. DocLib interface is pretty simple and easy to understand for new users. Audits which were made by a local regulator, State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, approved that our document distribution and control system compliance with standards.

During these two years, we had a couple of issues with upload and download processes of particular files, but the support team managed them promptly.

Bravo Airways is always eager to elevate the business process performance so we are excited to see the future development and improvement of Documents Library functionality.

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