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Client stories. M&C Aviation.
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Client stories. M&C Aviation.


M&C Aviation is a global GSSA and GSA operator with a headquarter in Singapore. The company provides services from 38 offices located in 23 countries all over the world and has a partnership with 44 operators.


Awery ERP GSAs/GSSAs SET with multi-offices and multi-currencies support. 

M&C Aviation has been using Awery ERP for more than 2 years and we asked Shehan Mathew, M&C BDM to summarize how far they moved in the company’s digitalization and automation within this term.

“Shenan, how tough, in your opinion, is the competition on the GSA/GSA services market? What are the key points that can help a company to compete successfully?”

GSA/GSSA market is fairly tough as airlines expect GSA to operate on small margins. This requires automation of GSA processes, staff optimization and better investment in productive technology that will assist.

“From your point of view, can a dedicated software system be a competitive advantage?”

Yes, dedicated software can be a competitive advantage as it will help to streamline business processes and long term availability of statistical and performance data.

What was M&C Aviation's way in digitization, what solutions did you use?”

Before Awery ERP we used to use other software. It was a good tool, but we understood that we were still using a lot of solutions to cover the whole of our process, especially accounting functions and invoicing. So we started to search for a new instrument which could provide full automation. 

“Why did your company choose Awery ERP?”

Awery’s solution is a fully-fledged airline cargo management system with an integrated accounting module. So we were able to automate the whole of our processes through one software.

“And how automation has helped you to improve your day-to-day efficiency?”

Our processes were improved in several directions.

First of all, it is invoicing and billing processes. Rate sheets are very useful for automation of revenue, expenses, and finalization for billing. Client email billing is improved with fewer human resources required for management. We have got better visibility of accounting jobs.

Air waybill management. We have reduced paper-based processes. AWB booking process for record-keeping and accounting has been simplified, especially AWB Stock Management is easier now, fewer human resources now required for AWB management per airline. 

Flights information management. M&S team has got better flight management functionality, as an example, we can create and manage flight schedules much easier and faster.

We have got better statistics availability for Customers and Operators. Reporting and reconciling with operators now are more transparent with correct historical data available for operators and audits.

“Have you achieved your goal - use one solution for all back-office processes management?” 

For the most part, yes. Additionally to the ERP, we use only two solutions customized to cover some particular local tax and regulations headquarter. 

The first one is for employees Leave Balance accounting and control and Payroll Outsourcing service to manage employees in Australia and New Zealand. 

The second service is a solution we use for our Freight Forwarding business in Seychelles and Mauritius.

“What are the next improvements your company’s workflow requires from the software?”

It is very important for us to improve and simplify interaction with our client, so now we are in the process of creating our Customer Booking Web-Portal. It will allow us to automate AWB booking process for customers and reduce human involvement.

“Shenan, what additional functionality might help your company to boost efficiency? Which Awery ERP modules should be upgraded in your opinion?”

There are a couple of them.

It will be helpful to simplify the logic of the graphical user interface for time-saving.

AWB profit control process - better flexibility should be provided in management functionality.

Report builder - we will be glad to get the ability to generate custom reports as per requirement. This could really help us to stay flexible in the ever-changing environment and new customers' needs.

“Which Awery ERP pros & cons could you distinguish?”

Pros - good support provided by Awery team, simple menus, ease of using, a lot of options available in Operational and Accounting processes.

Cons - Recurrent unstable Flash work, during the system technology changing process, but this has improved since the middle of 2019.

The back - end should be more flexible - reports functionality and the invoice builder.

“Shenan, right,  we have already transferred 40% of the most critical functionality from Flash to HTML5 (Angular) so now the process is performing more smoothly. Thank you for your time and for your cooperation”.

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