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Client stories. Unitag
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UNITAG Ltd is a Cargo GSSA and cargo handling agent.


Awery ERP GSAs/GSSAs SET with additional customization.
For supporting the main Unitag’s mission - to provide maximum flexibility in fulfilling customer requests the following custom functionality has been developed:

- Module for incoming air waybills automatic processing

- Additional cargo loading and unloading prioritization functionality

Unitag team has been using Awery ERP since 2018 and today Yuri Belan, Member of the Board of Directors agreed to answer several questions about the project.

“Yuri, hi. Thank you for agreeing to answer the questions. The first of all, please tell us a little bit more about Unitag and your team’s style of doing a business”

Yes, sure. Our company was run in 1993 and now represents 12 airlines in the Israeli market. We not only provide sales and marketing but arrange full supervision for ground cargo handling and additional services.

Our main approach to doing business and competitive advantage is flexibility- the Unitag team is focused on our customer’s needs, we are eager to find the best solution for a client. There always are always several factors for cargo GSSA  to operate with- not only price and flight schedule. So depending on the particular request, we try to find the best balance of these factors. It is not an easy way and that’s why business processes and calculation automation become vital.

“What was your company’s pathway in the business processes automation- which solution did you use before?”

We used to use an in-house solution for the main workflow support, but from some point of time we evaluated that the further system development and keeping it up-to-date took too many resources. We were looking for a solution that could not only support standard Cargo GSA processes but reflect the peculiarities of our business. Also, it was mandatory for us that a supplier’s team has to provide a quick response for additional functionality requests.

“Why did you decide on Awery ERP?”
There were several solutions into consideration- we studied functionality in detail, had a session with potential suppliers. Finally, we decided that Awery ERP provides more flexibility in customization and good value for money”

“Did you evaluate project effectiveness in figures?”
We have a lot of new features providing in a plan as regards to functionality has been provided already, we reduced the time spent on day-to-day processes implementation by 50 % as well as human factor errors in twice too.

“Yuri, which Awery ERP pros & cons could you distinguish?”

Pros - flexibility, flights schedules, AWBs and invoicing  processing,

Cons- Awery ERP not approved by Israeli authorities, so we have to import the data into third-party bookkeeping software.

In general, there are a couple of ways how Awery system could be developed- to expand reports and analytics modules, especially combine reports will be useful. Also- sync with other airline systems and local bookkeeping software. And the additional options to communicate with shippers to allow track their shipment without website an e-mail box visiting.

“Yuri, Thank you for sharing your opinion- it is really important for us to get direct feedback. We are working on the system improving all the time, in the nearest future we will present new modules that will take communication between the market participants to the next level.
Thank you for your time and for your partnership”

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