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Client stories. CAVOK AIR
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Client stories. CAVOK AIR

CAVOK AIR is a Cargo airline registered in Ukraine. The company provides charter flights and operates a fleet of 7 Antonov An-12. CAVOK started cooperation with Awery in 2020 when they were looking for a new software solution that could help to automate their business processes and prepare them for expansion into the EU.

Awery project manager, Victoria Avramenko, describes what the main stages in the project were and how it was implemented.

“The biggest challenge was the considerable amount of customization which had to be provided in a short period of time to support the company in its preparations for the TCO audit. In particular we provided bespoke  business processes for the Crew management module in parts of FDTL control and crew training management. The system interface was also redesigned to reflect the CAVOK’S unique approach.

As a result of an effective collaboration and regular communication between the two parties, all the processes were finished successfully and on time. CAVOK’s IT infrastructure was ready for the TCO audit which the company successfully passed in October 2020 ”

CAVOK AIR general director, Mr. Serhii Poliakov commented on the partnership:

“We use the Awery ERP platform for all our business processes; flight planning, flight operations and follow up, cargo, crew management, and reporting. The system has superb functionality and also allows us to store all the flight, crew, cargo, and operation data in one place, making it easier to administer. The Flight graphical interface simplifies the flight planning process and helps us to arrange flight schedules,  manage existing flights as well as keeping track of flight pending actions, movements, and logs.

Awery ERP makes it simple to control training, documentation, and flight/duty limitations for crew according to government requirements. All the processes are automated and help a lot with crew planning.

The Awery Aviation software Platform enabled us to fulfill the requirements of the EASA TCO audit and obtain permission to operate in the EU.”

We are happy to have been a part of the  CAVOK success story and thank their team for their support and we look forward to further cooperation in the future..

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