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Meet the new Awery ERP Charter Broker SET functionality
Meet the new Awery ERP Charter Broker SET functionality
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Dear aviation professionals,

We are glad to inform you about the new Awery ERP functionality  for charter brokers which will help charter brokers to simplify and speed up communications with operators and clients.

New Awery Processes allow to automate and make digitally a lot of steps in charter brokerage, making it more convenient for clients and operators:

  • Operator submit prices on quotes emails by link (no login required)
  • Customer can review quote and accept quote with link (no login required)
  • Links are secured/mobile friendly and can be opened on any device/browser
  • Dedicated Operator portal to review and submit quotes, update fleet details and documents - to match with compliance requirements
  • Dedicated Client Enquiries portal allows to create, review and accept quotes requests, edit passenger details, generate brief and pay online for charter.

Learn more about the new features in PDF presentation by the link´╗┐

Best regards,
Awery team

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