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Awery customers added in 2020
Awery customers added in 2020
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It's obvious that 2020 was a difficult year for almost all sectors of the economy including aviation. 

To use an old phrase,  "a crisis is not just a danger but an opportunity". The aviation sector has certainly responded to this challenge, a lot of companies started to speed-up their digitization to have more process control, cut costs, and lever market advantage.

While global flight schedules have decreased, it has become even more vital to optimize profits from the services that are operating through quick and accurate on-line servicing of customer needs on-line.

Optimizing business processes, speeding up the response time to customer requests, increasing customer loyalty, visualizing business performance in real-time is a necessity to business success in 2021. Companies that are thinking about innovative approaches to working with their customers are moving forward. 

The Awery team is proud to have been selected as a trusted partner by so many new customers in the last year. We are delighted to welcome these new clients into the Awery family and hope that further cooperation will continue to fruitful.


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