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A full featured module for processing service requests with integrated accounting. The module helps to consolidate all customer requests, prepare quotations, segregate work on services by teams, offices, types and statuses; organizes and tracks services delivery, accuracy of invoicing, follow-up purchases; manages rates database; improves messaging and reporting procedures. Designed to cover all processes from initial query to the execution and final payment.


Key features:

  • Automated flight services requests control.
  • Services requests processing and management: fuelling, handling, permits, flight plans, etc.
  • Preferred vendors management based on priority, service type, customer requests, flight category and country/location.
  • Sale and cost rates database for services.
  • Revenue and costs calculation, accounting processing/allocation.
  • Automated messages generation based on Text, HTML and SITA templates.
  • Web and mobile service status tracking/request application for the customers.
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