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A flight management module that helps to plan routes, create flight schedules, follow up on flights.  An essential tool in day-to-day operations used to control the movement of aircrafts, flight service arrangements, crew eligibility and aircraft availability, as well as to manage passengers, cargo load and crew details. Helps to follow up on the requested services statuses with suppliers applying auto messaging option based on customizable templates. Contains full information for each flight sector, including crew, passengers, baggage and cargo details. The advanced option shows and manages empty leg flights improving company‚Äôs logistics.


Key features:

  • Flights database with advanced filters and reports.
  • Charter and scheduled flights planning, creation and follow-ups.
  • Interactive map and Gantt view.
  • Routing services control with request templates support.
  • Flight briefings, cargo manifests and general declarations, automatic weather and notams update reports.
  • Advanced flight logs processing.
  • Revenue and costs control with direct link to accounting.
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