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A module for processing charter enquiries with integrated accounting. Covers sales/brokerage department operations from a customer request to the final agreement and flight tracking. Allows creating several route options, use local or UTC timing, filter aircraft types, operators and fleet appropriate for the enquiry; to generate the request messages to selected operators or make full charter calculations embracing all associated expenses and rates; to calculate the margin, confirm the selling price, prepare a quote, an agreement, an invoice and send to the customer; to generate briefs for confirmed flights.


Key features:

  • Automated process to speed up input of enquiries, send requests to operators, quote customers, make flight briefing, generate charter agreements, reports, summary reports, etc.
  • Segregated database of enquiries filterable by: type of request (Commercial Jet, VIP, Cargo), unique reference, fixture number, status, dates of flight, routing, broker, etc.
  • Advanced support databases: operators, fleet, aircraft types, airports, countries, etc.
  • CRM features: сustomers/suppliers with contact details, requests, activities, tasks and messaging history.
  • Automated message generation to send requests to operators.
  • Response from operators: schedule details, charter price details, additional services price details.
  • Response from customers: won, lost with reason, fixture details, fixture schedule, fixture reference number.
  • Empty legs enquiries management, operator’s empty legs connectivity through API.
  • Interactive world map with combined data from enquiries database and empty legs with analytics.
  • Charter calculation that allows cost calculation per sector using either rates database or previous calculations.
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